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Title: Project Manager

Hours:, Based on service needs, this can include evenings, weekends and Sleep-ins, according to the needs of the project. Participation in the Manager’s On Call rota, for which you will receive additional payments, is compulsory.

Responsible to: Registered Manager

Salary: Starting salary £8.97  £56.25 to £67.50 per Sleep-in payment

Location: Prestwich, Bury & Salford


The Project Manager provides a person centred service for people with learning disabilities and/or mental health needs to live an independent life, within diverse cultural communities. They are qualified and experienced to run the project and meet its stated purpose, aims and objective. This person is responsible for the day to day management of the service and ensures compliance with current legislation.

Main Duties
Providing individual packages of support for Service Users by:
Ensuring that individual person centred plans are made, which reflect assessed needs, for each Service User.
Monitoring Service Users behaviours and changing needs and developing appropriate interventions and guidelines as required.
Ensuring that procedures concerning the ordering, recording, administration, storage of medication is complied with.
Liaising with other organisations to arrange appropriate work, social activities or education.
Developing leisure activities inside and outside the project in which service users can participate.
Team Management - values sense of worth and sense of self within the organisation and we strive to be inclusive.
To provide effective supervision, leadership and direction to the team in accordance with the organisation’s philosophy and values by:
Understanding the values of delegation, supervision, motivation and supporting the team to fulfil their role.
Ensuring that the team appropriately and professionally provide support to the service users, which meet the needs identified in the person centred plans.
Ensuring that they maintain and monitor that the team provides- high quality standards of service delivery.
Ensuring that team leave and the service’s rota, meets the needs of service users and the service.
Ensuring that the team is appropriately supported, by facilitating individual supervision and team meetings that are conducted in line with organisation’s policy.
Identifying development needs of the team and recommend and arrange appropriate training.
Ensuring the team supports service users to maintain the property and keep it clean and tidy and ensure that external areas of the house are of good appearance at all times.
Compliance/Professional Responsibilities - as an organisation we encourage professional empowerment and opportunity for creativity
The Project manager will be responsible for participating in monitoring organisational quality initiatives as required.

Being aware of, and understanding the requirements regarding fire precautions, Health and Safety Regulations, and other relevant legislation.
Ensuring Outreach policies and procedures for handling Service Users finances are accurately recorded.
Ensuring CQC standards are implemented and maintained, addressing short falls identified through inspections.
Monitoring and maintaining budgets as agreed annually with the Manager of Finance.
Attending formal supervision sessions with the Registered Manager.
Maintaining and managing the organisations administration system within the service.
The Project manager is also responsible to undertake any other duties deemed appropriate by their Line Manager.






  • The Project manager has overall responsibility to ensure that:


    • Written aims and objectives of the service are achieved.
    • Policies and procedures are implemented.
    • The service’s budget is properly managed.
    • Certificates and licences are obtained and displayed.
    • Each Service User has a written, contract/statement of terms and conditions and that the terms of the contract/statement are fulfilled, and
    • The service complies with the National Minimum Care Standards act and regulations, codes of conduct for health care support workers and adult social care workers in England and other legal requirements.
    • Each service has a statement of purpose and each Service User a Service User Guide


The Project manager undertakes training and development, to maintain and update his/her knowledge, skills and competence.





This job description is not intended to be either prescriptive or exhaustive; it is issued as a framework to outline the main areas of responsibility at the time of writing. It is the nature of the organisation’s work that tasks and responsibilities are in many circumstances, unpredictable and varied. Managerial staff are expected to work in a flexible way when the occasion arises, and tasks not specifically covered in the job description may have to be undertaken as prescribed by the Chief Executive or her/his delegate.






Title: Bank Staff Support Worker
Responsible to: Registered Manager
Salary: £7.85 p/h
Prestwich, Salford and Bury area

To provide continuity of care and promote independent living skills to individuals with learning disabilities and/or long term metal health problems, enabling them to live in a residential setting or in their own home.

To be available to cover shifts due to sickness and annual leave etc. at short notice, weekends etc as appropriate.
To be provide continuity of care for clients following Outreach’s policy and procedures and ensure there is a safe working and living environment for clients and staff.
To support clients to meet their physical, social, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs.
To be aware of and understand the requirements relating to fire precautions, health and safety regulations and other appropriate regulations.
To be aware of new developments and attend appropriate training as and when required.
To participate in induction and structured support systems as available.
To maintain accurate, up to date records and reports in respect of clients and other matters as appropriate.
To be aware of your own personal development.
To undertake other appropriate tasks/duties as directed.

Support Worker Job Description



Title: Support Worker

Hours: Variable to cover -Mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends and overnight sleep-ins

Responsible to: Senior Support Worker/Project Manager.The Registered Manager has overall responsibility.

Starting Salary: £7.85 per hour

Location: Prestwich, Bury and Manchester

Job Purpose

To provide person centred support to a diverse range of service users with learning disabilities and/mental health needs, enabling service users to live an independent life, within diverse cultural communities and enhance their quality of life.

Key Responsibilities -
To assist service users in meeting their physical, social, emotional, and cultural needs (e.g. preparing appropriate diet and attending places of worship such as synagogue, church etc).
To provide person centred support involving the service user in the design, development and delivery of their support.
To work flexibly to meet the organisation’s rotas, which are designed to meet the needs of the service users, which include morning, afternoon, evening, week- end and sleep-in shifts.
To utilise the key worker system and contribute to person centred plans to identify the changing needs of service users and to plan, implement and evaluate plans in consultation with other staff and appropriate agencies.
To promote the health and well being of the service user by encouraging and supporting a healthy lifestyle this could include diet, exercise and paying attention to medical needs and addressing issues of concern to the appropriate person.
To listen and respond to service users ensuring that service user`s rights, dignity and privacy are maintained.
Understand and recognise that a service user may sometimes communicate what is important to them by his or her behaviour. Sometimes this can appear challenging, you must recognise this and follow the guidelines set out to respond in a consistent and appropriate manner.
To maintain professional relationships and communicate effectively with and between service users, their family/carers, other staff and external agencies.
To support service users to develop their independent living skills, this includes food preparation, budgeting, self care and socialising.
To undertake appropriate training and actively participate in team and service user meetings, case reviews and supervisions as and when required.
To maintain accurate, up to date records and reports in respect of service users and other matters as appropriate.
To participate and assist in day trips and holidays with service users as appropriate.
To undertake other appropriate tasks/duties as directed.






Post: Senior Support Worker
Reports to: Registered Manager/Project Manager
Salary: Starting £8.43 p/h

Location Prestwich Bury Salford


The post holder will undertake all the core tasks within the remit of a support worker and assist with ensuring that practice is developed and performed within Organisational Policies and Procedures.

Main Duties 

Main duties are that of a support worker however a number of flexible hours will be spent attending meetings, staff meetings, supervision, annual appraisals, training, and service user's reviews.

The key objective is to be a contact person for the project and to support the Project managers in the day to day running of that project. You will work closely with the Project Manager/Manager to ensure that the needs of the service users are met and that staff are working within Outreach Policies & Procedures.

The Project Manager/Manager guides the work of the Senior Support Worker; there is expectations that if the need arises that the Senior Support Worker is able to deputise in the absence of a manager.

To provide a caring, safe, enabling and empowering environment that meets the basic physical, emotional & social needs and of the service users.
To support less experienced staff via positive and effective team working.
To achieve high quality standards of care that are set by the CQC regulations and Outreach Policy.
To contribute to development, implementation, monitoring and review of systems and policies to ensure high standards of care are achieved.
To ensure that care plans are up to date and accurate.
To supervise and/or undertake keyworker responsibilities, normally to have primary responsibility for those with more complex needs.
To protect vulnerable people by assessing and recording risk and properly managing challenging behaviour through proper records and support planning.
To contribute to the supervision, assessment and appraisal of team members.
To foster positive working relationships with service users, parents, carers, families and significant others.To undertake such other tasks deemed appropriate to the post and the remit and development of the service and employee.